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Immerse yourself in the ARTES Spirit, learn more about our history and values.

ARTES Tourisme,Tourisme social,Tourisme social et solidaire

Our history

Since its creation in 1988, ARTES, actor of the social and united tourism, pursues its initial objective to support the departure in vacations of the inhabitants of the region Hauts-de-France then gradually of the other French regions and even foreigners.

As a member of UNAT, our group has a relevant social, societal and educational project with the aim of perpetuating the right to vacations and leisure for all.

We are committed to establishing long-term roots in the areas where our establishments are located. We support the local economy by using suppliers and craftsmen from each region and by encouraging the development of local employment.

For more than 30 years...

We manage tourist establishments in France. We are committed to a development that allows us to reach new objectives every year. We closely monitor the quality of our facilities through our continuous improvement process.

2022: 7 facilities located in 5 different regions.

Our values
We act with authenticity, transparency and in harmony with our values, to offer you quality services that will allow you to have a pleasant stay. We are committed to responsible tourism. While preserving the territories, we want our establishments to be true local economic players. We remain attentive to our clients’ needs throughout their stay and are open to any comments. We aim at solidarity by being part of a logic of exchange and sharing that will allow you to enjoy a vacation full of discovery

More than a vacation, ARTES Tourism is the guarantee of a successful stay!

Brice Liénard,
ARTES Tourisme,Tourisme social,Tourisme social et solidaire

ARTES is a member of the ATD network

For more than 30 years, we have welcomed thousands of clients to our facilities. The know-how and experience of our teams guarantee a personalized and friendly welcome for all. At the sea, in the mountains or in the middle of nowhere, our production teams will be able to offer you the stay that suits you.
The ARTES team

for the environment

Within the framework of its environmental approach, ARTES is committed to taking measures that are more respectful of the environment and in favor of sustainable development. This approach applies both to the ARTES headquarters and to all the group’s establishments.

Our general actions:

  • We have been offsetting our CO2 emissions via the company’s Reforest’Action program since 2018. This action allows us to increase our awareness among our employees and customers and to involve them more in the process.
  • We raise staff awareness by displaying environmental actions and sending them a weekly infographic.
  • We carry out a continuous watch on the subject of sustainable development and therefore we benefit from the latest news.
  • We have made the decision to remove the promotional items.
  • We favour the use of eco-responsible products and recycled paper for our printing.
  • We set up recycling and selective waste sorting in our premises and we take care to reduce water and energy consumption.
  • We are reducing our plastic consumption by installing two water fountains in our premises and distributing Gobi water bottles.

In all our structures, we ensure that:

  • Preserve biodiversity (staff and customers awareness of local fauna and flora, elimination of pesticides, participation in local environmental preservation actions…)
  • Acting for a shared growth (contribution to local employment, partnerships with local craftsmen and producers…)
  • Fight against waste (waste reduction, use of eco-labelled consumables, involvement of our customers in our approach by offering them the reuse of towels, awareness of the main eco-responsible gestures, reduction of polluting cleaning products, implementation of selective sorting…)

A stay at ARTES is the assurance of spending a more environmentally friendly vacation.

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Benefits for all


Thanks to our partnerships with the CCAS EDF -GDF, the CGOS, the SRIAS Hauts-de-France..., you can benefit from specific discounts and advantages.

Hike/bike discounts

We offer specific advantages and discounts for hikers and cyclists.

Long stay discount

-10% off the 2nd consecutive week of the stay

-15% off on the 3rd consecutive week of the stay

Family spirit

Reduced rates for children from 2 to 15 years old: -10 to -40% calculated on the adult price, full board.

Free for children under 2 years old all year round (without catering).

Our establishments Le Herbau in Gérardmer and La Bérangère in Chamrousse are located in resorts with the Famille Plus label.

Local partner discounts

As an ARTES partner, you benefit from

15% discount on rental stays

10% discount on full board stays

CES (Economic and Solidarity Contribution) offered.